Couple of bugs

I have fitted out my team with CAV and the following I am happy/unhappy to report:

  1. Comodo Antivirus works fine on XP machines. No negative feedback at all. Everything looks to be working just fine.

  2. Comodo Antivirus on W2000 machines. All negative feedback. PCs run slow (e.g. takes about 1hr to load desktop). I disabled the CAV service on all W2000 machines to allow users to continue to work, but without on access scanning.

  3. Autoupdate doesn’t seem to use the login ID and PW in the proxy setting. Some team members I block from accessing the internet at certain times of the day, so I would like to enter the account login and pw of an account that can access the internet (such as mine) into the CAV autoupdate proxy config. No luck no matter how hard I tried. We use ISA2000.

  4. Malware program seems to work fine on all PCs. Would be good to have option to enter proxy config with login ID and PW.

  5. Comodo Backup on Windows 2000 generats error “Access Violation at address xxxxx in WINASPI32.DLL”.

Muchos Gracias for a fine product!

I’ve been noticing a lot of issues with proxy connections here lately. Can you identify the IP address that it’s trying to connect to?



I will have to turn on logging on ISA and inspect the reports. Will let you know if I can identify the IP address.

Be right back!

Dear LM,

I generated an immediate report in ISA. I have a long list of IP addresses. Can you help narrow this down by giving me the first two octets of what I am suppose to be looking for?


Well, used to be it was always 85.91.x.x.x; recently they’ve started using other servers as well. Might keep an eye for 74.52.x.x.x


ISA reports hundreds of 85.91.x.x TCP 80 Connect 404 TCP 80 Connect 404

Also many hundreds of 74.52.x.x TCP 21 397 TCP xxxxx Connect 401 TCP xxxxx Connect 450

where xxxxx is a port that seems to be random.

Hope that helps. was where I first started noticing people having problems with proxies. The two random ports are because it’s an FTP server; it makes connection on port 21 first, then two random ports following that.

I’ve reported it to Comodo, and requested that they look into what might be the issue (if it’s on their end, user end, software, etc).



I already use this antivirus for a couple month. but some bugs was found.

  1. I can’t install for some application while On Access Scanner is Enabled.
  2. I Can not start OpenOffice Appl while On Access Scanner is Enabled.

And I would to request feature for Action taken if Clean Filed, mybe can add the delete action.

Thanks & regards

Iwan K