Could someone explain to me how Comodo Programs Manager works?

Before I install CPM, I wish to ask about how it works. I’m kind of a noob so please bear with me. I understand the part that it monitors changes to the system each time you install. As I understand it, it should work like ZSoft Uninstaller that creates a system snapshot before and after installation, and then compares the two.

What I don’t understand is how it uninstalls completely. Does it only/even work as mentioned above, or does it work like RevoUninstaller that scans for leftover items in the registry and system directories?

Please be short and simple. Just say if it’s similar to ZSoft or Revo Uninstaller in the conclusion so it’ll be easier to understand for noobs like me. Although I’d appreciate if you would also delve into the details. It thrills me to learn more. O0

More like ZSoft, but there is no need to manually make a system snapshot. The CPM service automatically detects what the installer is putting on your system.