Could not remove registry entries from sandbox

When i try to remove the following entries in registry (Windows XP):

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\VritualRoot\iexplore.exe
    the error occured, so i was not allowed to do it. I have problem only with these specific entry, others are permitted. Normally i use sandbox with any browser and i want to keep my registry clean no matter what, but CIS did’t delete those entries as he should, so after a couple of time there is a bunch of not deleted entries. Error occured only with this specific entry.

Another strange behavior occured when i was playing emulator VisualBoyAdvance 1.7.2. When i playing with emulator in sandbox (Limited, Registry virtualization ON, File system virtualization ON) i could not load one specific file with rom.
What occured was truncated file name in the window, in wchich you selecting files for execute. When I shortened the file name by one letter, I could upload it to emulator, so I thought that the idea is that the sandbox will only accept the name of a certain length. But this has not proved true, because when the filename has extended by one letter he could also could upload it. The program does not accept only the file with a specific syntax:
“0464 - Zone of the Enders - The Fist of Mars (E)(Cezar).gba”
Upload a file with that name caused error.

Is iexplore.exe running at the time? as well is it located in the %systemdrive%\VritualRoot Folder?

No, i am not using this browser normally, i only turn it on sometimes to check compatibility of the browsers with my web pages. And i did it on relatively slow second computer (for testing purposes, clean fresh recently installed system with most of windows unnecessary services turned off) so perhabs this is the reason, cause from what i remember, there whas some errors (blue screen) with that browser while running in sandbox, which ended by reseting system. Propably Comodo sandbox can not cope in the event of errors which are caused by sandboxed applications on slow computers , especially the applications strongly associated with the system (like internet explorer did), and this ends with the registry related errors. Sandboxed applications registry should be emulated in a separate file rather, than in the registry of system.

Also i have those strange behaviors with other apps runing in sanbox on other computer related to complicated file names loaded by sandboxed application, wchich forced me unfortunately to exclude registry and file virtualization on both, and since then I have no such problems.