Could not open Comodo PF3 GUI

I made a clean install of CPF (64-bit version) on an XP64. The installation process went perfecly, the installer has asked the things it should ask and after reboot it also asked the things it should (new network found, training mode, etc.). Then the firewall seemed to be up, with the icon in the system notification area.

Nevertheless, I was unable to open the GUI. No right-click menu on the tray icon. And if I clicked the Comodo program shortcut, nothing happened.

As a last hope, I’ve tried the usual Windows trick: reboot again. Now Windows said it cannot stop Comodo. Hmm. “End Now”, reboot. And now I can open the GUI again.

Did anyone meet this behaviour?

Hi Yogurt

Welcome to the Comodo forum

I don’t have X64 but I found also that it took three reboots to get it loaded properly. I think it loads a new part of the program each time you reboot but am not sure.

Hope you don’t have any more problems.


i experience the same problem on my xp machine, first I don’t see anything on the screen, but after a while I see the gui slowly coming up, but I can’t click on the icons because then it is getting stuck and the image is just frozen, and clicking again on the firewall icon makes it worse, in the proceslist I see the firewall is not responding but I do see the firewall alerts smoothly. Also when shutting down I must click to end the cfp.exe process.

Everything that comes in place of the stuck firewall gui gets stuck also, not the program but only the image.
I hope the firewall developers are willing to make an improved new version that will run smoothly, because with al my experience I have never seen a firewall like this one, it is pretty smart made…