“Could not load language file. Please reinstall the application.”

After I install Comodo Backup,when I right-click a file,it will say“Could not load language file. Please reinstall the application.”Could you tell me how to solve this problem?


Hi. I got this when I installed comodo backup to a non-default location.
For some reason this meant that the ‘Comodo Backup’ and ‘Common’ directories ended up on a different path on my c drive. This may have been due to a re-install I did, but not sure.
Either way, the way to fix it is to copy the Comodo/Common directory over to the same subdirectory that Comodo/Comodo Backup is sitting in so that both Comodo Backup and Common sit in the same Comodo directory.
Worked for me anyway…

I got the same thing:fix Comodo “Could not load language file.Please reinstall the application.”
The answer did not work for me. I asked Comodo via their live chat about the problem. They asked what program after I had already given them the particulars. Then they sent a URL for me to join which was the SAME program I had been using to ask them about the problem in the first place. Then they disconnected me and then wrote that the same named guy would be my next live chat “Expert”, then never came back on. RESULT: DO NOT USE COMODO CLOUD SCANNER or COMODO CLOUD STORAGE!!!..and as for telling you how to fix the problem they caused…one is on one’s own!..■■■■■ COMODO!

This command should fix it (assuming the right x86 versus x64 path):

copy "C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMMON" "C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO BackUp" /v /y