Could not configuration Firewall policy from Console?

When I configuration Policies from Console,I could not see Firewall detail policies,if I want config common Firewall policy for all endpoint,how to do?


You can set the policy on locally configured, open CES UI on the endpoint and modify the Firewall detail settings, add global rules, add your network, open ports etc…

Once done, you can discover the policy from that endpoint and deploy it to other endpoints.

I know that process,but it is not useful,
But Manager couldn’t see the polices detail, if we have many firewall polices how to show the policy’s detail on console?
If CESM have these good feature, Administrator can modify any police on the console and direct deploy police more convenience.
that’s my propose…

Hi, Im currently using the trail version to determine if Comodo will work within my environment and this is one feature that i believe the Manager requires making it so i dont need to get to a local computer to check the firewall config.

Is this feature being look at in future releases?


Yes, granular management of firewall policies is very much in the development queue.

Our strongest focus right now though are those pesky ‘Unknown/0-day/0-hour’ executables that are causing all the problems so in our ESM 3.2 release we have greatly expanded the management of these files.

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Still waiting on this much needed feature. I am already a customer and have been wanting this feature for some time. Is this even on the roadmap? What release?