could be improved?

i really like Comodo Firewall with its powerful features and protection and it’s free too but there is one thing which is bothering and annoying me… every now and then i will see:

  1. spelling/typo errors here and there (and i think this is really bad)
  2. some grammar errors here and there (my english isn’t really good but there are some very obvious ones)
  3. punctuation spacing mistakes (this is equally bad)
  4. capitalization inconsistency (sometimes they capitalized F in “your Firewall” and sometimes “your firewall”. which is it? whichever it is, it has to remain consistent throughout)
    i also think that style consistency within one product is important. for e.g. - if “eg” is written without the dot (.) then it has to remain that way throughout the product and not writing it as “e.g.” at some other places.

i captured screens of some of these errors and attached them here. take a look. these are only some whc i captured. there are more.

well i know this is not really a bug but it’s something Comodo can improve on. i don’t see these errors with software (yes free software too) of many other companies like PC Tools, AVG, Lavasoft, Microsoft etc. anyway it could be that team at Comodo is now focusing more on fixing bugs and improving stability but towards the final release of this product, i hope Comodo can take some time reviewing and improving on this area. i think it reflects the professionalism and standard of the team behind these Comodo products.

keep it up!

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