Corrupted Defense+ database

Yesterday I moved one big file (880MB) from my pending files to my own safe files. It took a little longer than it usually does, but everything seemed to be ok. Anyway, the main windows stopped working and hadn’t other choice than terminate not responding window. When I started Comodo again, I found out my defense+ database was deleted and all options in ask dialog of defense+ are now grey, so I can’t choose action for new file. I also can’t change any options for already created rules in Computer Security Policy, because all options are grey too :(. I experienced this problem many times in past, but it was also corrupted my firewall rules the same way as defense+. I don’t have any backup of CIS configuration so I quess I can’t restore my old computer security policy. But I’d like to know if there’s any way to solve my problem with grey options and also if there’s any advice to avoid this problem in future.

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You can get the rules back by using System Restore; the rules are stored in the registry.

Are you willing to try the same thing one more to see if you can reproduce it. Then it may be worth calling it a bug.

I don’t like system restore, because it never works for me when a need it the most :frowning: As expected, I have only one restore point from today but I’m curious what happened to older restore points because I’m sure I did many of them a few days ago. And I haven’t done any system backup yet, because it’s a freshly installed OS. :frowning:

Are you running a multiple boot system? When you boot Windows and it sees the restore points of Vista of Win 7 it will delete them. There is a workaround but it is not a nice one: .

When that restore point is working I would advice you to try it; remember you can always restore back.

As to why you lost your configuration I cannot answer. My first concern is to get your config back using system restore. Next step would be to see if we can reproduce it after making a back up of your configuration of course.

Thanks for your advice. I’m running Windows 7 and I don’t have more OS’s. I think you can just shut down CIS when it’s in non-responding state and almost every time you experience this there’s big chance you’ll lost not only your defense+ rules but firewall rules as well. I guess you can reproduce not-respondig state when you have big amount of files in you pending list or one bigger file (few hundreds megabytes).

This starts to look like a bug to me. I am going to move this topic to the bug board.

Hi guys, I wasn’t here for a long time, but now I have some new information which might help you to induce my problem. CIS freeze almost everytime after installation of new ATI Catalyst Suite (Defense+ is in Installation mode). When is installation process finished Defense+ (normal mode) has about 400 files in pending list. When I want to open a pending files list it opens and freeze (I’ve been waiting for 15 minutes if it will recover, but nothing happened. The only solution is to shoot it down ;D. Then there’s a change you will lost your firewall or defense+ rules. If you’re more lucky nothing bad is gonna happen or you can get the same problem as it’s described in my first post from August 27, 2009. I’ve found a way how to fix the problem described in my first post. When your CIS freeze and you shoot it down (there usually isn’t better solution) it may happen that yout predefined security policies will be removed. That exactly was the reason of my impossibility to change security policy for applications. So I manually created new security policies for defense+ and it works fine now. :slight_smile: