Correction of bugs?!

I would like to know if the correction of bugs in version 3 will be launched by auto-update or will be released a new version of the official site… (:NRD)

Why not both?

Yes yes … is that I did not know how the fix would be released … so the doubts

Now I know that can be launched both in the auto-update as the official site

Thanks Soyabeaner



I don’t know. It was a pure guess. shrugs

I usually uninstall and then reinstall CFP to be safe, but the last update was one of those few exceptions since it was small. This next one is a bit bigger, so we’ll see which method is best :SMLR

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
But I believe that assumption is correct…

PS: Sorry for my bad English…

And when is this one going to be released ? Sorry, if it has been already stated, but I couldn’t find.

No one knows. Comodo hopes to release it this week.

Thank you. I can’t wait it. :slight_smile: