Corporations, Government, and Educational Institutions

Many of the Security Products from Comodo are FREE! :BNC even to expansive users as Corporations, Governments, and Educational Organizations.

But an area that Comodo should increase their support and at the same time earn an income from, is a Stronger and more “In Depth” Support.
Each of the above have their own IT Security Department. Comodo can train (depending on the size of the organization recommend how many) and have update training at least twice a year.

There would be a 24/7 support phone available, an optional number of hours would be included in the original fee and then as on as needed bases each year.

Executive Support Coverage would include monitoring the network by Comodo, and on site assistance by Comodo Security Engineers. Additional Costs would be paid by those organizations.

Training would be done in Groups when possible to help lower charges, but if a Company wants to have training on site they will pay the full costs.

Support to many users and probably for corporations is becoming more frustrating, with many hardware and software companies redirecting the original contacts to 3rd party support reading from scripts.