Corner of Trust Logo in Firefox

I have been having some problems with the Corner of Trust logo interfering with vertical page scrolling in Firefox. I do not see this in Internet Explorer 7.x or Safari 3.x. I only see this in Firefox and Netscape Navigator.

Is this something specific to Firefox and Navigator? Or am I doing something wrong?

I have snippet 1 right before the tag and snippet 2 right before teh tag.

See the problem here:

Did you ever figure this out? I am having the same problem on a couple of my sites: and Unfortunately both site owners prefer firefox to other browsers and complain about the issue.

I asked our dev guys to take a look and respond asap…


Hi westcoparking,

The only scrolling discrepancy I see is FireFox adding scrollbars to your product listing IFRAME.

IE shows only four products in the middle window with no scrolling and FireFox shows about 20 products with scrolling.

Is that what the problem is?

Hi sitebuildernow,
I scanned both your sites and couldn’t find any scrolling issues. Please can you redirect me to a specific URL and briefly describe the problem?