Corner of Trust in WHMCS


my site is EV-Secured and green bar is shown, changing to order-area with whmcs.

But when I install the COT in the template-area, the green bar is not available anymore and the COT don’t show a valid certification.

Problem of WHMCS, wrong place to install or mistake of myself ? :-[

Would be nice to get some help, because I’m absolutely beginner.



I suspect the Corner of Trust image you are linking to in the corner of trust code is linked to ‘HTTP’ instead of ‘HTTPS’ but without seeing the site I can’t be certain.

Thanks for your reply.

This is the first mistake :wink:

I will try out with changes.


First Problem solved Sal Amander.

Next Problem :

“IdAuthority Credentials not available for this site”

Futher help possible ?

The type of certificate you have purchased (EV Multi-Domain) does not come with any trustlogos at this time.