Corner of Trust "COT is not defined" error

I am trying to install the “corner of trust” logo in some checkout pages. I have followed the instructions to a tee a number of times from: Trusted SSL Site Seal | Free SSL Secure Server Certificate but all I get on the page is the link with anchor text (Free SSL certificate and the other randomly generated ones) and a Javascript error “COT is not defined”. The logo is on my webserver and I have tried addressing it with http and https (

To see the error. Go to put something in your basket, view basket and click checkout. The code is on s_checkout_stage_1.asp.

I look forward to your response


Hi I am not able to view your shopping cart…

Microsoft VBScript runtime  error '800a000d'

Type mismatch: 'option_fields(...)'

/e360/s_basket_add_new.asp, line 64 

I would assume COT is undefined because you don’t have the JS that goes in between the head tags.

Thanks for the reply.

Never seen that error when adding to the cart before. Which product were you trying to add please?

I do have the supplied JS in the head tags

Nevermind, I did a hard include of the javascript file and it works fine

Product: Technomate TM7100HD