Coranti Antivirus 2010

I found the following anti-virus.
Coranti 2010

I will check it out :slight_smile: I think hitman pro is better. langguy99 did a review and it didn’t do to good. When the license is over you can keep hitman pro but it won’t remove anything.


What Hitman Pro has to do with the initial request, Valentin?

For example Coranti passed the latest VB December test focused on Windows 7 and Comodo failed, which is not a surprise at all

My regards

I assume he wanted to feedback. That’s why I wrote what I wrote

What Hitman Pro has to do with the initial request, Valentin ?


For example Coranti passed the latest VB December test focused on Windows 7 and Comodo failed, which is not a surprise at all

I did look at homepage.

  1. You can’t compare Comodo that only has one AV engine against Coranti that has four AV engine.
  2. I think comodo’s AV is pretty good and let’s not forget that the AV is not the main component of Comodo’s security suite. I also read why comodo didn’t get VB100 (1FP and 5 malware where let through or whatever that was (can’t remember))

I only recommended hitman pro because it’s good as an on-demand scanner, it’s accurate, fast and due to the fact that it takes little amount of your computer resources.

For the amount of $ you will get very good protection due to the four AV engines with realtime protection.

to… in case you are interested to see how it works look at this video Julian - YouTube


1) You can't compare Comodo that only one AV engine against Coranti that has four AV engine.
Why? Assuming that these 4 engines are not largely redundant, and assuming that any AV is good at whatever else than detecting a finite number of obsolete and in vitro threats (and hence that four times zero is better than zero), no one care about what tools are used, but only about the results.

I’m absolutely sure that you know “why”, brucine
therefore I’ll refrain myself (almost … see P.S.) from many comments at this particular point…
I’ll go berserk some other time…
No doubts I’ll have a chance , because those ridicules replies will continue

“Love is blind”
Unfortunately some do not understand that it may apply to humans’ relationships, but not to the “exact/hard sciences” and Software




Who cares? The question was about AV - “let’s not forget that” and many other Q asked before & answered “differently”… with whatever “comes to mind” at the moment
Many are not using pathetic Comodo’s sandbox & Defence+ is disabled because Behavioural Blockers are in place

You must remember – you are “ Malware Research Group" … for goodness sake!

I would like to say that I would draw some concerns from Coranti in that it uses too many resources for it to be effective in its method of what is now a very dated method of preventing computer infection. We nowadays need light behavior blockers, HIPS programs, sandboxes and isolation programs to prevent infection. (:NRD)

I’m afraid you would be wrong saying that, because he Thinks that Comodo’s AV is good and you can’t say that he didn’t think that.
(I also think that Comodo’s AV is good)

I agree with you there brucine.


  1. Since I have seen the review of this AV from langguy99, I wanted to recommend another multi-engine AV.

  2. my third post here, I said my opinion how comodo’s AV is and added comments to the VB100 test, since you brought it up, SiberLynx.

  3. You said is comodo’s AV is not good then please look at this videos. Free AV Comparison Part 1 - YouTube, Free AV Comparison Part 2 - YouTube and Free AV Comparison Part 3 - YouTube

  4. I find you comment “Love is blind” strange!

  5. People who have problem with my posts PM me or in the worst case report it to a mod.

  6. People are in forums to exchange, gain or give their knowledge. I am looking forward to learn and understand things that I have learnt better.



hmmm… - too tricky statement

Please use it, and be happy & feel protected :wink: Who can stop you?

Well, sometimes you have to think … sometimes you have look around & see the official independent test results … sometimes you have to test yourself

Comodo’s AV is extremely weak re : detection rate with enormous amount of FPs

… but speaking of Valentin’s posts - he is just into “clapping fanboism”- that’s as simple as that as far as I can see it. I have to say that bluntly
Nothing serious actually, so I cannot care less

My regards

I’m using avast at the moment, but I still have Comodo Cloud Scanner integrated into Comodo firewall on my side.

Comodo's AV is extremely weak with enormous amount of FPs
Do you have proof from your own experience to back that up? Not independent tests, but your own experience of using Comodo Antivirus. Independent tests cannot tell you how a product would protect [b]You[/b], but how it [b]detects[/b] an array of samples that they have collected.
... but speaking of Valentin's posts - he is just into "clapping fanboism"- that's as simple as that as far as I can see it. I have say it bluntly
Well this [i]is[/i] the comodo forums. Nothing wrong with that. Anyway we have all got into !ot! and we should really get back on topic. Remember we were talking about Coranti? The four engines in Coranti aren't that good, I mean:
  • BitDefender
  • F-Prot
  • Norman
  • Lavasoft

Not exactly the best combination. I suppose BitDefender is okay and Lavasoft might be good if they integrated sunbelt Vipre’s signatures found in the Ad-Aware product. But that’s about it.

That’s not too hard to slip into !ot! especially if you are attentive.
My 1st reply was exactly about that when “Hitman” was mentioned for no apparent reason as in many cases Valentine does … posting anything that comes to mind at that particular moment (- not acceptable for “Malware Research Group” member)

Using Avast … that’s wise choice compare to Comodo AV … you can try Avira or better Emsisoft

As for proofs - read this forum threads like “not detected” & FPs sections.
Do you have an example of any other security forum with so many coming every day day after day?

Anyway … indeed what about Coranti? :wink:



I use Comodo Internet Security 2011 Complete, I am fully satisfied with Comodo.

for safety I have instaled yet Zemana AntiLogger.

Happy weekend and Merry Christmas

Greetings from Brazil

not acceptable for "Malware Research Group" member
The next question is on what performing skills (excepting of course willing to be a lab mice) one is choosen to become such a member?

A karaoke machine! ;D
I am wondering whether the title of Coranti Antivirus is any longer appropriate, let’s all play off topic watch! The topic has changed from Coranti Antivirus to how good comodo’s antivirus is to ganging up on Valentinchen to wondering what are the requirements to become a Malware Research Group member.
I think that we should either get back on topic or doom this thread to be closed.

Hey :slight_smile:

I hope you know that Zemana AntiLogger is similar to Defense+; Zemana AntiLogger is a software that has HIPS-technology within. It is therefore not wise to run two software that have HIPS within.

If you bought Zemana AntiLogger then disable defense+.


Well written :-TU


Guy’s no more !ot! stuff in here, every one has his opinion about how good or bad any AV is.
If you like to read these endless discussions go search the forums, posts enough.

Discuss the technique behind some AV software not the next static detection test that has a different top 10 then the previous test.

After reading the entire thread, I got rather confused… ???

The original post was this, plain and simple:

Not asking for anything makes the purpose of the post rather vague. Exactly what is wanted of the original author? Feedback? Comparison? Or merely to inform us of an antivirus? Nothing really. He found an antivirus. He tells us about it. What now? Not to be rude or anything, but I think these kinds of posts would have a very vague definition of which is off topic…although I’m exempting of course those posts regarding Valentin. That’s really off topic.

Coranti eh? I remember having used it before. I didn’t know then that it had four engines. Didn’t really matter before. It seemed great having caught three malware in its lifetime (in my pc), but it horribly slowed down the pc. I could still use it, but time is gold and I’m spending a lot.

Coranti may have given the users a work-around (well, maybe for some it might work) by allowing users to selectively disable an engine or two. As for security, well, they imply that more is better which is sometimes true. They even state that Coranti may be installed along with the majority of antiviruses, but not providing which ones it had been tested with.

They also claim to provide optimal performance. But on what basis? Do they mean “for a four-engine av, it’s relatively fast” or is it in comparison with even uni-engine av’s? Well, it seems that many other antivirus companies claim to be lightest without really providing proof of this claim. Why not just admit that av’s perform differently on different pc’s rather than making such misleading claims? Well, now I’m just moralizing, but anyway, that’s just about it about Coranti that I can say. Yeah sure it’s good, but it hardly gave me any of the promised “optimal performance” of a very vague definition.

There is a recent “performance impact” Test from AV Comparatives here
It’s just to see what it does on a fresh installed system, just to test on such a setup.