Copy/Paste not working from sandboxed browser???

When I copy some text from sandboxed browser and want to paste it to not sanboxed Notepad, nothing happens!?!
Is there someone with simmilar problem?
How to solve this?
And how to save something from sandbox to normal envirement?

2) Enhanced Clipboard Protection: Earlier we prevented clipboard access to Sandbox application, where sandbox application could not access clipboard, now sandboxed application clipboard data could also not be copied outside. It takes care of situations where malware applications could transfer malicious contents via clipboard to outside sandbox. Even though you were protected due to default-deny, but now that situation itself is prevented from arising.

Ok, but in this scenario user is forced to go completly outside sandbox to just copy/paste some text!

How this can be good for protecting users?

In my opinion, this scenario is worst for protection then allowing only clipboard to go outside sandbox, isn’t it?

Can I, at least, manually pull off something from sandbox (saved text or picture) from some folder on pc where sandbox data is saved?

Yes I agree, delete the copy paste in the sandbox is dangerous and inefficient, how to make it work? How to reactivate it?

Win 10 64-bit

I have the same problem. For me this excludes the use of a browser in the sandbox. I’m a programmer and I need to copy examples of programs.
The effect is that I’m not protected at all by the sandbox.
I can not print,
I can not copy to clipboard … not good

ps. I taught my friends how to save files to “Shared Space”, but I do not teach them how to copy to the clipboard. I’m sorry

Anything ran in sandbox is at C:\VTRoot until the sandbox is reset or a restart. Just copy and paste what you want. Removing files from the sandbox directly before reset makes the containment fussy. :slight_smile:

Could you share what browser your using with this problem and what version of the Comodo product your using also ?

sorry for my english, i’m using google translator

I have COMODO Internet Security Premium 10 (, web browser firefox or chrome.
A few days ago there was no problem.
I checked with my colleague where I installed Comodo on windows 7 does not have this problem, but its Comodo version does not install on windows 10.

Text from the browser (in the sandbox) is inserted into the search box in windows 10

Hi Artur2024,

Thanks for pointing it out. We are looking on it.

Kind Regards,

Perhaps someone is interested in cruelsister’s video demonstrating how malware can break out from the container.
I, too, used copy&paste but with cs’s configuratione no longer possible. One cannot see with the nonvirtualized explorer what is included in the sandbox: