copied files from HD to stick, cannot open them

i copied a folder containing pdf files to a stick. when i wanted to read those files on the stick, defence+ makes alert and when i allow it they get autosandboxed. but in the original path i can open them all without any problem. later i can change them from unknown to trusted from the widged “unknown files”. but two of those pdf i blocked, now i cannot open them anymore, as i get an alert from windows, that i have no acces to that files. however, i can rightclik on them and choose “open in comodo sandbox”. how can i add them to trusted? rating scan finds nothing. even deleting them and copy them again does not change anything. i resorted in renaming them…

Its a known bug that pdf files and maybe other file types are treated as executable and cause HIPS alerts or sandboxing. You should check the HIPS rules for explorer.exe for run an executable exclusions and see if they are listed in blocked applications, you then need to create an ignore sandbox rule to target the file path of the pdf files on the external storage media.

Yes, the pdf files are treated as executables… Thanks for the hints, i’ll try to do that.