cool job any takers?

I wish I knew what they were doing. ut am sure they’re paid well. Definatly a cool pic (:WAV)

From the shape of the building under them - especially the square fenced walking area - as well as the shape and density of the buildings around them in the picture, my guess would be that they’re “tuning” a television trasmitting antenna (or FM transmitting antenna - same frequencies) perched at the top of the Empire State Building in Midtown Manhattan. (NYC)


p.s. and I get vertigo just LOOKING at the PICTURE!

who would want this job!!! Looks very cold :slight_smile:


I think the filename of this picture is fitting: QuitComplainingAboutYourJob.jpg

Based on the url of the pic I found other office-related jobs:

I think the even-cooler job is the photographer’s job. Not only he must attach himself higher than the antenna guys, he must look downward and see the full-impact of the altitude :smiley:

Whew! No kidding; got queasy lookin’ at it. But I don’t complain about my job anyway, so that’s ok…

Soya, that first computer/coffeemaker pic is what I need! Where’s comicfan? He’d appreciate that one, too!


I just assumed it was Paul’s. :wink:

Geeze I miss his humour (and his enthusiasm, patience and knowledge). I really hope he resurfaces.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Lol, that was a good one!
Tho the woman should have her hands a bit higher…


Assuming it’s a woman. Whoops! That’ll be another rumour story. :■■■■

I would take that job I wish I could,

Great job to escape or when you’re feeling suicidal (:KWL)

escape yes,

Suicidal well Not yet anyways,

These guys have my respect. You wouldnt ever catch me up there. I dont care how much it might pay.

Actually, I would do it, depending on the need of others…
like if a lot of people needed it be fixed, i would fix it… as long as they give me some water or something lol…