Converting to SSL/HTTPS for three extremely simple-minded sites

Google will soon give higher search rankings to sites with SSL engaged (‘’) versus those that do not (‘’). So I figure I have to deal with what seems to be, for me, a ‘cosmetic’ issue. Here’s why.

My main site, with two add-ons, are entirely simple-minded. Like, at most, three pages each. The main is a Wordpress blog (comments disabled) with an ‘About’, a ‘CC/Acknowledgment’, and a currently inactive form run through

One add-on is an oil-painting gallery with two jquery pages, an About, and a Contact.

The other add-on is a meaningless home page with two lines, an svg image, and a javascript.

FWIW, all three have 400, 401, 403, 404, and 500 pages. And all three have validated HTML5 and CSS3 which is sparse to the point of being ■■■■.

I know I likely don’t need https, but like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. How do I do it? I see that comodo offers SSL certificates for (what for me are) a relatively stiff price. (At least insofar as the simplicity of my sites is concerned—and we’re not among the rich and famous!) I have also seen some “resellers” offering “comodo protection” for as little as $10 per year! What’s up? Will a simpler solution likely suffice for us?


I’m not a fan of this change by Google.
Pages using SSL will get a ‘slightly’ higher ranking !!!
That’s OK for commercial sites, but not everyone.

I personally do not see any benefit in providing pages over SSL that don’t need to be.

And yes, you can spend as little as $10…every year.

Remember though, you will have to change all http references to https.
You mention using WordPress, so may not have access to everything a module/template etc inserts into a page…just something to consider.


EFF is: Google Boosts Secure Sites in Search Results
I too look forward to seeing TLS-encryption used for more sites. With HTTP/2, that will accelerate, due to how it will be implemented (Chromium, Firefox).
Also, I think which sites “need” TLS has changed has changed the past 14 months. Not that the need is new, but the awareness of the need may be. :wink: