Convaluted process

I’ve just spent 2 hours searching the web & poking here & there around this site.

There has to be a simple process using private key & certificate that is downloaded but I don’t see it anywhere. The knowledge base for taking your private & public key & getting it so that one can sign code, but I don’t see it anywhere.

I did this 2 years ago, and now at least it will be 3 more, but what a royal pain this silly process is.

Any article that list straight forward step by step processes.

The MS pvk2pfx utility created a .SST file for me. Odd!!! Now the CertMgr show my cert, but I can’t seem to sign code.

Any straight forward documentation anywhere anybody?

Thank you

And I looked at the knowledge base but just tidbits there.


I suspect that you have used windows vista to appy and coect the certificate.You can export the certificate in pfx format.After that you can seprate them into pubic and private key pair.

For more informations.,7 (:WIN)