It would be nice if the AV system would cache the answers based on filechecksums so as to optimize its speed so it doesn’t have to do the same job twice unless it has to :).

The antivirus system suggest to redily the help/support system, it should tethered to the controls for skiping the action etc so as to optimise the amount of gesture you make. :slight_smile:

the antivirus in ‘passive mode’ or system idle could scan only the changed file removing the timtable, it should also make sure its not supressing other idle processses :slight_smile:

it should also ask for small chunks of data from the disk an test how long the read takes against an average to determine if another process is busying long term memory :slight_smile:

Version 6 has stronger av caching than v5. You may want to consider updating.

I like, the interface in V5, i tried V6 i will give it another go in VM, If you want to add a ‘cheap’ cache in v5 have the AV remember the last 512 files scanned and check that list b4 scanning, any write to those files should remove them from the list.