Control centre/User Interface

I am a 1st time user of Comodo and the forums and any help would be appreciated.

I installed the Comodo firewall without any problems but am unable to access the control centre
intermittently.Yesterday i had no problems and was able to check/adjust settings,this morning i am unable to.The shield is showing in the system tray and is obviously working and have checked in the security centre which shows the firewall as active.

I have Win XP sp3,Avg 2011 Free.I also have Malwarebytes anti-malware,Spybot SD,SpywareBlaster and SuperAntiSpyware,which appears to be overkill but prefer to have too much rather than too little and have not been a problem before.

Do you have MBAM and Super Antispyware running in the background as a residential shield or are you only using them as on demand scanners?

Both Mbam and SuperAnti are used on demand

Having various on demand scanners is not overkill. It is a good practice.

When you cannot open the User Interface is there another active that is taking up a lot of CPU cycles. Can you let Task Manager run and see if the inability to open the UI is related to a process being very active? Set Task Manager to “Minimize on use” and “Hide when minimized” under options. It will then sit in the systray where you can keep an eye on it.

Turned computer on this morning and no problem,able to ‘click’ shield and bring menu up.

Same again today,no problems,hopefully the problem has been rectified.

Another 4 days and it appears that everything is Ok,no problems opening control centre.The only thing i did was to stop Spybot SD running on computer startup.Hopefully this is the last you’ll hear from me on this subject

Thanks Eric for your assistance.

It seems what you experienced may have been a temporary hiccup.