Contradictory GUI (Lycia and Arcadia), Opposite silent mode icons at one time.

``I’m a big fan of Comodo you guys do excellent work. :slight_smile:

My only issue is this the strange silent mode icons on the Lycia and Arcadia themes. It shows a “x” for off and “sound waves” for on at the same time, the bottom icon being the opposite of whats happening. This is different to the Classic and Modern themes where the silent icons change together and make sense.

I don’t understand the reason for this, perhaps it’s not a bug as such but it’s counter-intuitive with two opposing messages the same time.

This link shows the main theme with with contradicting icons. The Lycia one is the same. Capture02 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

This link shows the Modern theme where the icons make sense. The Classic one is the same. Capture03 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

If a developer or comodo employee could comment on this that would be great. I think this little mix up applies to the Lycia and Arcadia themes on the antivirus too.