Continuous Tab Crashes!

I thought this new browser would improve things over the old “classic” Mozilla Firefox; such is most definitely not the case.

This browser is almost unusable. 3 times out of 5, when I open a new tab, I get the “Gah, your tab just crashed” message, and clicking the “Restore this tab” button does nothing.

I have Video DownloadHelper and Ant Video Downloader extensions installed (or, at least, I downloaded and ran the installation file). I find that I can’t set preferences in Video DownloadHelper; it requires a companion app, which I downloaded/installed, but the companion app is not detected despite repeated attempts, logging out and back in, and completely rebooting the computer. The extensions work, sort of; many times, though, the downloaded file is corrupted and won’t play. I’m not having this problem in any of my other browsers (Chrome, Firefox).

Windows 10, 64-bit. Dell Inspiron 5755, new as of last year. 8 GB ram, AMD A8-7410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 graphics @ 2.20 gHz.

Security software… that’s not so easy. Win10 comes with it’s own security apps, and while I have followed every instruction I could find on how to turn it/them off, I’m not convinced that I have been able to do so. Windows Defender keeps intruding in things like file management, so it’s obviously still there. I’m told it can’t be uninstalled/removed, only turned off (which is patently false, since I’ve done so, and it’s equally obviously still active in some respect). The only additional software I have installed is Avast Antivirus, which I’ve used for years without problems. That I’m aware of, anyway.

How I produced the problem? Ran a general internet search, right-clicked on the link and selected “Open Link in New Tab,” the tab opens, the loading icon whirls for a moment, and the tab crash message appears.

How I tried to resolve the problem? Un-installed and re-installed IceDragon; un-installed and re-installed the add-ons. Neither was successful. I’m not about to disable my security for the sake of running a new browser… I’m not that stupid. And I’m not using some other security app; I’ll dump IceDragon so I can continue to use my trusted apps rather than change all my apps so I can run IceDragon. The new kid needs to learn to play nice with others, not expect everyone else to change things to accommodate him.

I’m hoping there’s a fix for this, as it’s quite the fastest browser I’ve used, beating even the vaunted Chrome. It’s kind of like the way I type, however; I touch-type quite rapidly, but my rate of errors is equally high; not the best of situations. That’s not perhaps the best analogy, since all I have to do to improve my error rate is to slow down a bit, but it kinda feels the same… what’s the point of blazing speed if the error rate is unacceptable?

I’ll try any reasonable suggestions; I’d like to see this thing work. Thanks!