Continuing Defense+ Logging Even after Changing Security Policy of iSproggler

So I know one of the top posts of this message board suggests including screen shots with any new post, but they didn’t really explain how a screen shot is taken, so this will have to be down without I suppose. My apologies.

Thing is, I’ve actually been having pretty good luck with this new version of Comodo Firewall, and it seems generally easier to use and more automatically compatible/configurable with the majority of my programs than the previous version was. However, when a program isn’t on its predefined list of trusted software, it can give an excessive amount of popups. So many that at times you get frustrated and mistakenly block something you meant to allow or vice versa.

This happened to me in regards to the program iSproggler that I use to track the iTunes music I play for the website,, a musical networking site. It worked great until I allowed an automatic update of Comodo to go through and then it started asking me about all kinds of things the iSproggler was trying to do.

I was able to get the program to working order again after a period of Defense+ remembering a mistaken block I made by changing its Computer Security policy settings to custom, and allow for any process it needs to function, including Allow for Interprocess Memory Access. But I’m still logging 1000+ events for the same thing: iSproggler Access Memory of cmdagent.exe.

Can this be caused by the Protection Settings listed for Comodo within the Defense+ default Computer Security Policy settings? If so, should I add iSproggler to a list of exceptions, or is there a way to be able to not log this event but continue blocking? I’m a little surprised that iSproggler would need or want memory access to cmdagent.exe, but maybe it just functions that way.

Any help on this would be appreciated. And if this seems like a suspicious behavior on the part of iSproggler, please let me know. I’ve been considering writing to the iSproggler group admins on to ask them why their program continually tries to access something like cmdagent.exe. But if it seems benign and would be a waste of time, asking I’d like to know that too.

Thanks in advance, and sorry if any of this is duplicated elsewhere. I searched and couldn’t find any thing related to this before, so… :-\

This kind of event is CFP protecting its processes in RAM and cannot be changed. You may be able to tell iSproggler to leave CFP’s processes alone, but it seems odd that it would have any reason to be doing that. If you can’t see any place where the RAM process injections can be stopped by putting CFP on an allowed/Exception/Safe list in iSproggler, definitely email the people and ask about it. It looks suspicious to me, but then I’m a bit paranoid. But just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean that they aren’t out to get me!