Continues to auto update after turning it off

Hello guys.

I’m using CIS 6.3.302093.2976 on Win7 Home Premium 32bit.
I have been using it for few years, and update frequency always seemed kinda low, so I was fine with auto updates.
Now however, after I sold my gaming PC, and using old notebook, it really makes it slow. Not really surprised, because its single core mobile Celeron. But its downloading and installing new updates every single day, sometimes more than once per day (which is fine according to 6h check settings, but somehow it seems like its installing same updates over and over, according to my previous experience with infrequent updates). Is it normal to be updated daily these days?

Thing is, I would like to disable auto updates to have control to start it manually when I dont need to work. Just to have it tell me that theres new update and let me decide when to download and install it.
So I went to Advanced Settings - Updates and unchecked Automatically download. (hope its correct terms, Im using it in Czech language).
You know what, heres a screenshot:

Then I restarted my machine. That was few days ago, and Im still getting auto updates and installations (according to task manager and big slowdowns) every day.

I was unable to find other option(s) to affect this.
Any ideas?

Thank you for your time and help!

That options is only for automatically downloading program updates, not signature updates, I don’t think there is an option like that for signature updates.

Seriously, no way to disable definitions updates or let the user control it manually? So if that is true, improvement over older CIS was to remove this feature. That is strange. I really wonder who made this decision.

Someone has a foto of him/her, so I can stare at it and facepalm?.. :slight_smile:

Sorry I might not have worded that perfectly, what I mean is that you CAN disable/enable automatic signature update, but that option will both check, download and update. You can however NOT set it to check for signature updates but not download them.

What you could do is disable automatic signature updating (the option under the one you point at in the picture, the one that says 6 hours to the right) and then manually update yourself however you won’t get notifications of when there are new updates.

Yea, I figured out I could just completely disable it and I did. But thats not real solution you know.
Thats just putting my computer at risk and forcing me to remember and manually update it, which in the end makes the software annoying rather than user friendly.

Notification about new update and then letting user decide if he wants to download and install it… Well, I consider this to be one of the essential features of any software for multiple reasons. One being older computer and second being mobile connection with FUP.

A silly flaw on otherwise great internet security software.

Anyway, thank you for your help, Sanya IV Litvyak.

If you want this to be a feature of CIS you can make a wish here, just make sure it’s in the required format.

Turning off the database updates isn’t really a big security issue because of the cloud, at least as long as you’re connected to the Internet and don’t turn it off.