Continous Popups for allowed request

I have CIS installed. So far there are three dll’s that keep getting request to run… I approved them and checked the remember my answer, I get the same request fifteen minutes later. The programs that are requesting them are safe.

How do I stop these warnings from poping up for the same request?


Hi Jemrada,

Is the issue you reported related to Antivirus or Defense+ ? If the files are detected as malware, please submit them at Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis and we’ll verify if they’re malware or not.


quick question Ionel, whenever I try to submit files over 1MB through the form I get a server error and I can’t do it. Can you have someone look into it? Thanks

Hello languy99,

Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll forward the issue to be solved.


Please repost this question here:
and it will be looked into. This is the wrong board.