Contained does that mean these software are In The Comodo Sandbox?

Contained does that mean these software are In The Comodo Sandbox? Here Is A Screenshot of them one is installed theother i just downloaded on my pc today not installed this software smartuninstall v4.80.0 Its A New Version just Got Updated Today

this is exactly how it works!

Thank You Melih so use to other Legacy Security let you run everything signed or not usually as long as they say other security software not malicious or & they so Trust such software Or Files comodo way is safer just not use to it this way i quess just seems like a whole new way of computing & security I Don,t Now Any Other Security Software Free Or Paid That Does It This Way Like Comodo Just A Different Approach To Security & Safety For The End User Protects You Better It Seems

spot on!
We never allow a “Payload” to run without first running in our “containment”…
Others look at the “Payload” if they can’t detect anything bad, they allow it to run with full privilege… Of course Detection can never be 100% hence why breaches happen.

so this is why i see online all the time so many Breaches In there security like all the Ransomware seemings to Be Getting a lot of companys because they lack this kind of better security it would stop these breaches happening to them all the time i see online in Blogs all the time bad thing for companys hackers just love it

so if they used Xcitium for there companys they would not get these breaches or ransomware problems with there companys but they rely on legacy security software that does not work does not protect there companys from these hacks all the time

Thats the idea.So far Xcitium kept their customers breach free Xcitium Transparency Page - Historical Statistics

that is awesome & amazing more companys all companys should use it but they rely on Norton McAfee etc. to protect there companys & eterprises but its not working all that money there spending on what they thing will protect them from all these cybercriminals but in reality it is not at all Legacy Security Software products is Failing There Companys & clients All The Time

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Found This Online About Xcitium : We Protect when Detection Fails | Xcitium is used by more than 3,000 organizational customers & partners around the globe. That Number Needs To Be A Lot More Tens Of Thousands Or Even In The Hundreds Of Thousands Around The Globe To Protect A Lot More organizational customers & partners around the globe. Most If Not All Security Companys Won,t Save Them They Need Xcitium For There Security To Stop These Breaches & Ransomware & All There Malware Problems Stopped So Even As Good As Bitdefender & Kaspersky Are They Can,t Stop All The Malware On PCs, LabTops Tablets Phones Only Comodo & Xcitium Can