Constant never ending Defense Alerts

Hi Friends. I have been using the Free Comodo CIS for about 6 months on two home computers. And all though I haven’t had any problems with viruses since I started using Comodo, I am exhausted of having the Defense Alert popups every single time I try to run a program, or install a program, or update something. I am exhausted of always clicking on “Always trust the publisher of the file” & “Allow”.

Is there any settings that I can change, so that it doesn’t do this for every install? For every uninstall… you get the picture…

My Comodo version is 5.8.213334.2131

BTW, this is the message I am talking about.

Here are my Defense Settings.

Here are the other Anti-Virus/Spyware programs I have installed

Exterminate it! v1.80
SuperAntiSpyware Professional v5.0.1136
The Cleaner 2012 v8.1.0.1109
Spybot S&D

I am using W7 HP +SP1

Thank you all.

If you don’t like all the alerts, you might want to try the Internet Security configuration instead of the Proactive configuration.

oooh thank you, I will try

What happens if you dont additional press “trust the publisher from now on”?

What happens if you use defense+ in safe mode?

If that works, you can have proactive configuration still enabled. Remember, after changing to a default configuration, the settings might have been put to default.