Constant false positives..the same ones.

??? Well, i have done 4 full scans set on medium heuristics on windows 7 32 bit over the last month or so.Every single time i get 4 detections, Heur suspicious…1) Superanti spyware… its the 5.00 version 2)SS Updater for Superantispyware.3)Arkit rootkit detector/remover.4)Nav Beta downloader…Norton Scanner.

Every single time i submitted these as false positives by pressing the relevant button.Now after this time is it not reasonable to expect that Comodo should and would have fixed these by now?.I know i can just ignore these as i know what they are, but come on…a month and nothing done…not too much to expect is it… I wanted to do a screen shot… not sure how too do it.


You have a better chance to get them fixed when submitting them here at the forums in the AV False Positive/Negative Detection Reporting.

When submitting please follow the guidelines described in How to report False Positives - Please read this before submitting !.

I have been having the same occurrence when it comes to Internet Download Manager and that stupid mfc45.dll file. Even after doing a fresh install of my Windows 7 ultimate, and doing a scan with both CIS and/or CCE, I still receive complaints from the programs without submitting an ignore. As far as the mfc45.dll file goes, I know that it can be used to piggyback a corrupt and/or malicious file but, as far as Virus Total says that the one that I’ve submited is always clean. And as far as the response I received from Comodo, one individual says that it’s clean and at the same time another individual says that it is malware. Which is which? It kind of makes your reporting of malicious files frivolous with these types of replies.

What is the type of alert you get when running IDM? Doesn’t CIS remember when you tell it to remember?

I apologize if my response had gotten misaligned somewhere in stating that it had happened more than once per install of those two products. But, as I frequently reinstall my Windows in a completely fresh environment every six months or so, I do also frequently reinstall my Comodo Software as often. And it seems that my prior submission of said files to the assigned location seem to not be taken as valid. I say that because upon reinstallation I once again am receiving false positive alerts of those files.

Not that I am complaining because, to me it is quite simple to remedy but, most people are not too computer literate and can become quite frustrated. :slight_smile:

When submitting through the forums and you don’t get a response within two days you can notify about it in Post here your unfixed FP’s (only after 2 days).