Constant Alerts that virus database is updating-updated

For the past week or so, CIS now has almost constant popups throughout the day and night that it is updating the virus database. It is the balloon popup in the lower left corner. I get probably 20 a day.

I have “show balloon messages” turned off - no good. They also seem to stack up back to back. In the morning I get about 8-10 in a row. I click thru them and another set pops up - “The virus database is updating”, “The virus database has been updated”. And so on, and so on, etc.

Is it really updating this much? All of a sudden? Can I turn off the pop ups another way? Everytime they popup, they cause the taskbar to come up as well and I can’t get it down until I click thru the pop ups. Getting frustrating.


CIS: 3.9.95478.509
Virus Sig: 1371

Welcome. :slight_smile:

COMODO has started multiple updates per day and currently the popups cannot be disabled but this option should be available in an upcoming version.

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