'Conspiracy Theory' as to why Comodo development stopped

Although I see that “Questions regarding development of CIS” Comodo Forum has been locked, I post this here since this is ‘General Discussion,’ allowing “Anything & everything”…

Perhaps this Theory has already been posted there. (I didn’t do a search. Sorry.)

Update: A mention of it. https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-cis/when-can-we-expect-a-new-version-comodo-internet-security-premium-merged-topic-t125578.0.html;msg903462#msg903462 (Sorry, I can’t figure out how to link text using the Insert Hyperlink shortcut in this forum.)

It occurs to me that the US Govt might be the reason that Comodo development stopped.

Remember how, in the Snowden release, the NSA complained that Comodo was too good?

Well, what if the US Govt offered money to - or threatened - or both - the developers of CIS? That would explain the sudden stoppage.

Naturally, the developers would be “ordered” to not tell anyone.

Does that sound too Conspiratorial?

Well, there’s a famous clip of Linus Tovalds at a public presentation talking about Linux. Someone in the audience asked him if the U.S. Govt had approached him, asking him to put a back door in Linux. (This was after Snowden.)

He shook his head “yes,” while answering “No.”

i test comodo and is safe;
updates it is like marketing, it helps with disclosure… :-TU

That isn’t what’s happening. This is typical behavior of Comodo. Just look at the Discontinued Products Board and see a graveyard of projects that received little to no notice of discontinuation. Even many of the boards that aren’t in there have stagnated for years with no word one way or the other. The Enterprise version is also still receiving updates so they haven’t even stopped development. Comodo Internet Security is now the Comodo Ice Dragon of their internet security product line.

“… the NSA complained that Comodo was too good?” that made me laugh, it is a very good commercial joke!

The NSA / CIA or other intelligence can intrude modern Windows/Linux/etc. systems without you even noticing it. Comodo CIS won’t notice the intrusion, other security suites either.

All software protection layers can be bypassed by system backdoors or via hardware…

Thanks @Cassette. I didn’t know about the Enterprise edition. (If it’s not too expensive for one or two seats, I might consider buying a license.)

Most likely it’s just mismanagement or they completely forgot that CIS for home exists. They are too busy looking after the enterprise version/the development of new features for it and also the company name change to Xcitium that they forgot about everything else.

I must remember that changing the name of a company is a common strategy to escape debt, which may indicate that Comodo is possibly going through an internal crisis for some time.

In short, they all got very Xcited. 88)

here, i use windows 11 build 25276 and not have error…
but update help promoting products!

Yes, there’s backdoors that intelligence agencies can get into.

Even if they can’t get into your PC for any particular reason, all of your online accounts on every platform are fully accessible. Because facebook, google, amazon and all the other platforms that exist will just open the door and let those agencies in to see whatever they want.

i think that there is nothing to do with these crazy theories… Maybe its about covid (2 years remember?) and lack of manpower AND projects that has more priority han a free software that is in the end of any list of security softwares (not for its power but for the sake of “mainstream”)…

Well they have been updating the paid version of CIS. But you can’t install just CFW with the paid version.

no… the paid is not updated. the same engine, the same thing… just soome cosmetics updated…

Wow. And yet they’re still charging money for it.

as rob said, you pay for the support, the $500 back if infected while using cis (dont know if this is still valid) and chat supporte in real time with comodo experts.

so, for the price they ask for it, it was great for anyone. hope they will keep the same price zone for the cis 2024.

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