Console Login "freezing" - Updated

The “freezing” issue has now been solved and logins are working as they should be. Please let us know if you are still unable to log in to your console.

It seems a locked TCP stack combined with a glitch in the HttpClient Library were the culprits.

Naturally we are putting measures in place to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Kind regards (and thanks for bearing with us)



I’m having this issue I think, since today : I can’t log in anymore. If I type the wrong login ID it displays the normal error message, but when I type the right one it shows just a blank/grey page. The interface or console seems to start loading and then it freezes.


Hi elfege,

We did have a problem this morning (please see my post for more info)

Our apologies for the snafu.

Please let us know if you are still experiencing problems.

Kind regards,

I’m am see this issue too. I saw it happen several times today between 3:00PM and 4:00PM PST. If I refresh enough times the dashboard will eventually come up.

Hi Chad,

Are you still experiencing this issue?


Yes, I am still experiancing it right now. It happens just switching between panes. Refresh enough and it eventually comes up.

I’m using IE9 on Win7.

Could you try with another browser please? We are not seeing similar problems from any of the locations we are testing from -including tech-support’s homes :slight_smile:

2 more questions - are you connecting through a proxy & if you go to and do a bandwidth test what sort of speeds are you seeing?