Console for other OS

It would be nice to have access to the console from operating systems other than Windows (Linux, Android, Mac, etc.). Perhaps a web based console would be easiest?

With LogMeIn doing away with it’s free service, Geekstein could gain a lot of users. The Windows only limitation will deter many potential users, though.


The console is developed using a cross platform framework called Qt. So it will be available for Linux/Mac as well 8)

As far as I know, LogMeIn is not truly web and is not available for all platforms. You need a ~7 mbs browser plugin which is not available for all browsers/platforms…

I like the idea of web based console(I exclude plugins, plugin is not web!!!), but this console is a real-time, event-driven application. Unfortunately we cannot do it using HTTP. A full duplex connection between client an technician is needed and the best way to do this is to use WebSockets: Of course there are other ways to do it but look at the comparison table between HTML 5 WebSockets and traditional long pooling.

HTML5 Web Sockets provides an enormous step forward in the scalability of the real-time web. Unfortunately these kind of sockets are not supported by all browsers. (:SAD

Thanks. Do you have any idea when it might be available for Linux?

that is great news