Connections Screen in CPF

Hi and thanks in advance for any opinions.

I’m looking at the connections screen that shows:

svchost x3 - two are listening and one is connected but the one connected says “Port53-1053” - what does that mean?
system x2

Sometimes it’ll show IE twice and my question is what am I looking for if there are connections that are the result of a trojan, etc.

This is quite normal :). Windows is using svchost.exe to resolve IP addresses (DNS Query) from your ISP’s DNS server when accessing web pages and such. Port 53 is the DNS service and port 1053 is a random generated port (anything after 1024) on your computer.


Edit: Btw, if you set the alert frenquency level to “very high”, you will see a ton of requests to port 53 from various applications.