Connections dropped/Lock up[Fixed]


Been using Comodo firewall for a few weeks, and tried version 3 beta today but had a few problems:

After a few hits on any website, the connection was dropped. This happened in both Firefox and Opera.

While looking at the internet connections panel, the program locked up. No way to close it in Task Manager, so a forced reboot required.

Same connection problems after rebooting.

Oh, and in the installation procedure, there’s a spelling mistake:

Lets profile the files and folders in the PC.

Should be ‘Let’s…’ of course.

Any way I can provide more feedback? Had to uninstall the program to get access here, I’m afraid.

Hope to try the program again later- looks very interesting, but for now, back to 2.4.

same overhere :-[ couldn’t connect to internet (Firefox and IE7) can’t find the application control centre HELP! ???

Actually “Lets” is correct as it is not possessive. Having “Let’s” would be saying “Let is profile…”

Let me correct you there, Tarun. (:WIN)

Let’s is the contraction of ‘Let us’, used to make suggestions.

Trying the new version and so far, so good- managed to keep a connection.

The typo is still there:

Lets profile the files and folders in the PC.

Should be Let’s…

Only a small thing, but a spelling mistake on the first screen doesn’t create a very good impression.

Did you setup a Trusted Zone for your LAN?


Just a single computer here. Did I need to do that? Today’s update seems to be working- just finding my way around, but haven’t experienced the same problems, so I guess they’ve been fixed.

Typo’s still there- a very minor thing.

I’ll give some more feedback when I’ve got used to the program.



If you are getting assigned an IP address from a DSL modem then yes as it would need to communicate with your PC to do that.

I haven’t used cable internet connections for a while but I would guess that some type of connection to a DHCP server would have to be allowed.


It’s an ADSL connection via a Speedtouch USB modem. As far as I can see, the connection is dial-out, phone number ‘0’, and there is no IP assigned by the modem.

Today there has been no problem connecting and keeping a connection, so it looks like the problem has been fixed in yesterday’s update.

I’ll post back if I experience the same problem again.