Connection to file server blocked after few minutes

Product: CFP 3
OS: Windows XP Professional, SP2

A. I have not created any rules.
B. I have defined a network ( to, called it Work, and used the first option in the “Stealth Ports Wizard” to define a trusted network, nothing else.

I can connect to the file server ( without any problem after I boot up, then after 10 minutes I try again and I get and error, “The network resource is not available or access is denied”.

I turn off the firewall and no probem, the shortcut to the server works fine.

Appreciate any suggestions.

See my comment in your other topic. The MS Networking is timing out because the broadcast traffic is being blocked. Adding will allow the broadcast traffic. MS networking is a really talkative protocol, and it tries to talk to everything on the LAN that will listen.

The range should include as well (according to another post).