Connection Timed out -

I am getting errors in cpanel updates that the file is not accessible. I have confirmed that that files in not accessible and it seems that is not accessible at all.

Same issue, cPanel updates failing since yesterday on multiple server due to failure on this URL.

Is comodo waf dead for good? :frowning:

The same issue on Plesk, could somebody responsible for waf check it?

TDmitry could you please have a look.

The waf subdomain is resolving correctly - Dig (DNS lookup) - but the server at is down since long.


Looks like it is FINALLY back up… 88)

Yeah, good to see.

PS: I reported this thread to moderators as I had no other way to get attention of admins. - is not available again.

it’s fixed now.


Hello, is down. is down again.

Hello, has been restored.

It has been down again since 2 days. cPanel updates failing due to the same.

Not exactly down but the update URL redirects to login page


We’ve faced unexpected issues during site migration. At the moment the service is restored.

Please check if the ruleset is accessible on your side.

And now is returning an error 500

Fixed, thank you for reporting.