Connection not shown in CIS

Now, i’ve been using CIS for a goodly while now, and never had any kind of issues with it, best product in its type, AND its free to use <3

Today, while fiddling I was listening to some streaming music (DI.FM’s trance channel on using winamp to listen (feel free to mock my music tastes :D)) when i realised that there was nothing in the active connections list for winamp. On more digging, i noticed that I only actually had one active connection of any sort at the time, which was claiming to be a windows system process.

Should I be worrying? Is this just me being dumb in some way? Anyone able to enlighten me?

Take a look through this

Heh, right, thanks.

Am certainly wondering where CIS draws it’s active connections list from, because poking around with other software can find and watch the incoming packets, and resolves their IP to the address of the stream (an AOL machine D:)

My bad for not finding those other topics, anyway.

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