Connection Monitor

Anyone know of a program that monitors connections to the internet, and displays where applications are connecting to? I have this one program that I’m wondering where it connecting to.

Depends what sort of detail you require. Here are some usual suspects:

TCPView :

Not forgetting natstat and of course connection information in the summary screen of CIS

If you need more detail, then Wireshark :

You mean something that shows the country and city names?

No no, the site/location address. Like a download manager may be downloading from “”. I would want to be able to tell that without the manager.

Thank you. Will those do what I described above?

TCPView and Currports allow you to resolve names from ipaddresses.


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That is showing the domains and subdomains, but not the directories and exact location of what it is downloading.

Sorry, your original question didn’t specify that you required such detail.

I don’t personally know of any application that will provide the information you are looking for.