Connection found?

When i started up my fresh new copy of Windows XP( I Reinstalled OS) i installed COMODO internet security, and i rebooted, then it comes up saying new network detected? it’s IP is i have no idea what it is(keep in mind this was a fresh install so i am kinda doubtful it’s a virus hopefully it’s not though.

Well if someone could help me identify this it would help alot, i do have a wireless connection if that maybe what is happening.

it's IP is i have no idea what it is <---That's you IP address 255.255.0 <-----subnet mask: <---by the way, you forgot to add another .255 (

Your safe :slight_smile:

Thanks man appreciate it :smiley:

But why does it detect it as a new network?

Possibly not listed currently in Firewall/My network Zones?