Connecting with more than one device

I got the 10GB Trustconnect with Internet Security Complete 2012 and bought an extra unlimited trustconnect using the same account.

I intended to use the 10GB for my iPad and the unlimited for my desktop.

Both my Desktop and the iPad will login but I can still only login with one device/platform at a time.

I had assumed that with two purchases my account info would be updated to let me login twice but the unlimited has simply replaced the 10GB.

Other than buying another trustconnect through a different account is there any way around this?
(or did I waste the extra subscription?)

You cannot have two different accounts with same login (username),
therefore your previous 10 GB account was replaced with new unlimited plan.
You may contact the support and ask to refund and return to previous 10 GB plan,
and then register a new user with TrustConnect account and subscribe to unlimited plan.
Then you can use these accounts on different devices independently.

I was hoping that you would tell me that as my Comodo account and my TrustConnect login name are different that I could have more than one TrustConnect login associated with the header account and that I had simply not set this up correctly when purchasing the extra subscription.

However, only one TrustConnect subscription and login name can be associated with one Comodo account.

To have multiple TrustConnect login names I must have multiple Comodo accounts.

Thank you for clearing that up, and thank you for the prompt reply.

There are corporate TrustConnect plans. You may click Change plan link in your TrustConnect account, choose suitable corporate plan and switch to it.