Connecting Computers to CESM


I was wondering how to connect the computers I want to manage to CESM? The only options I see given to me are to use CESM to deploy it. And the only options there are Active Directory and Workgroup. I’m not willing to re-do this entire network to use Active Directory, and I have computers on different subnets to manage so that workgroups cannot work.

Is there some setting in the MSI package I can use to install Comodo onto a workstation and have it connect to CESM by itself? I’m migrating from Symantec, and Symantec clients can connect to a specified server. I need Comodo to do this, too.

Hello, christhomas861!

I’m glad to inform you that new CESM 1.4 can meet you requirements.

CESM 1.4 supports both: AD/Workrgroup and IP-based import.
IP-based import is advanced and allow you to choose import type:

  • by DNS name
  • by IP-ranges
  • by IP and subnet mask (class B networks supported)

Also we have msi package which can be installed on target machines and they you can easy add them to CESM.