Connecting a Nintendo DS with Firewall Enabled

Hello people of the Comodo forum, I am a new member but a long-time user of the software.

I have recently run into a snag with my Nintendo DS; after buying a wi-fi adapter I have tried to connect my DS through the internet. Each time has failed, i.e. with the firewall on. I disabled the firewall momentarily and was able to connect.

I have since re-enabled my firewall and attempted to create a global rule by allowing the MAC address of my DS to connect to anything, but it would still not allow a connection to be made to the internet.

I have tried reading a relevant post to this issue already, but that was from 2006 and the software has obviously gone through a lot of changes since then.

Any help with the problem I’m having would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you.


What the rule you created for DS looks like exactly? You created it in global rules, correct? Also, do you have any blocking rules for “system” proccess or svchost.exe in application rules?

No worries, I seem to have solved it. I think I put the direction as in instead of out 88)

Anyway, to do it, these are the settings I chose

Action: Allow
Protocol: TCP or UDP
Direction: Out

-Source Address tab-
Type: MAC Address
MAC Address: of DS

I also allowed svchost.exe to communicate with the internet when Comodo asked.

Thank you for the reply