Connect DC++ through Stunnel

I have just cleaned out McAfee Internet Security and installed Comodo Firewall and now I am setting up my applications to run properly. I am stuck on how to set up DC++ to connect through stunnel. I have used the rules in and as a short cut set stunnel as a trusted application when the dialog box first popped up.

DC++ v0.7091
stunnel v4.05

When I look at Firewall Active Connections I see:

Stunnel listerning to the three TCP ports and also connectinig to the three IP’s listed in stunnel.conf.
DC++ listening to the TCP and UDP ports set in DC++ Incomming Ports, however Comodo lists Protocol as TCP for both - one should show as UDP, shouldn’t it?

I am connecting to the hubs and can search, but downloads don’t work, “Could not open target file: The device is not ready.”

Any advice on the rules I should have set up would be appreciated.