I have problem with this file conime.exe, many websites talk about it but there is no real solution for it? How do you get rid of it? any idea??


We will need a little bit more information on the problem in order to help provide a solution. First off, you do not want to get rid of conime.exe as it is an actual part of the Microsoft Windows operating system. However, it can be used as a backdoor by hackers due to some vulnerabilities. If you could tell us more about your problems that you’re having, it would be very helpful.


Are you running a non-wester language on your pc ? If so, you don’t/may not delete it as it is neccessairy…


I use swedish language, the problem began when a friend call me with skype from the airport of Istambul. After his call conime.exe started to replicate as a process, opening its self repeatedly leaving my computer without any memory. Now as you said I believe it as a hackers atempt. Now I reboot the computer with Dirk’s Boot and Nuke program. It works fine. But the file Conime.exe is there and I am worried it continues to be a thread?

Is it a thread to my computers security or not?

Depends were conime.exe is located … Could you please give us the place. Normally it should be in C:\windows\system32 If it’s anywere else it most likely a threat…