Congradulations - Comodo picked from top 20 of 2007

BetaCorner has had a high success with Comodo Products. This year we deliver 100 top reward badges for Programs and Websites which we mark as a 2007 Reward. Comodo was picked out of the top 20 rewards of 100 this year. below is a pick of threee badges that comodo can pick from. I also have the reference code in which gives you liable rights to show off the badge. you will need to contact me for that reference. We hold reference numbers for security reasons.

your public code is PD-7473-354J-Comodo

the reference which has to be handed out private is for Comodo which they need to keep safe. This Reference tells us that they are liable for this reward.

below are the three badges Comodo can pick from of 2007.

(:CLP) we hope your going to bring us more great products for 2008

That sounds great. And don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll see a lot of great products in 2008, guess CPF 3 will be released in late 2007 or early 2008. And I’ve never heard of BetaCorner before, so I guess it’s a very new website?

Ragwing (R)

BetaCorner was born in October 2006. We have been working hard over the past few months to get the site to how we want it. We have finally archived and got the site to how we want it. We decided to make it a news and software resource website for users who are wanting to know the backend information on software from around the internet globe. The website was finalized last week and the system is new to our website which is why you dont see much members or unique hits yet. The system is big and theres so much to offer. Last week we decided it was time to open up our first web announcement and named it BetaCorner Nominate Web Rewards 2007. Anything BETA we love to hear it. The Reward System is new and we are hoping we can reward more Companys/People who create good software aswell as websites. Each week we generate 20 winners of the web rewards 2007 and there are 5 weeks which we do it in. It has been hard doing this and alot of time and effort has been put into this new web goal. We did talk about unclaimed web rewards also and we suggested that even if the rewards are unclaimed they will still be on our winners list at BetaCorner. If you are a webmaster or a server admin you must understand how much time and effort goes into creating such a great website and coming up with new idea’s for the website or server space.

I myself have used Comodo Firewall aswell as Comodo Antivirus. The software has a very nice interface and advanced user settings to give the customer a great user experience. I myself will continue to use Comodo Products and will be at the top of my security software list.

We want to thank Comodo for creating such a great software experience and would like to support your products 100% throughout the coming days , months and years.

I’ve looked around your webiste, and I see you’ve got a ‘Link’-section.
Under ‘Link Categories’, you could add Comodo AV under Antivirus, make a new category called ‘Firewall’, and add Comodo Firewall 2.4 and all other Comodo products in some category :wink:
Also in the ‘Link list’ to the right on the startpage, you could ask someone in Comodo Staff to make a 88x31(or something around that sizes) picture to add there.


i would like a 88x31 button. You have some great idea’s for the links section. I will add a security section and add links to there for Comodo. Its pointless putting the build numbers there as they are always subject to change in the future.

I have added 5 forum areas for Comodo Products and have also added Hot Words for Comodo Products.

Thank you for this Betacorner.
There will most certainly be, many more amazing products to come :wink:


your very much welcome. Your products are all supported on our website now and we recommend them using your security software. Firewall / Antivirus are hotlinks to your website. I also activated the user forums for comodo products. is all we need now is a 88x31 banner if you could be great and hook us up with one for the main webpage, thanks

we will be off of here tomorrow but plan on huge updates monday. Its the weekend and breaks are well deserved. (:CLP)

hi guys

please download these offical comodo banners at the requested size 88x31


[attachment deleted by admin]

We now have your button up on the site. Thanks for the 88x31 buttons.

thanks for that :slight_smile:

btw: the link goes to some other site than comodo at the moment :slight_smile: I am sure this is just a simple coding error :slight_smile:


We have fixed it. Your website url is now active across our website. (:CLP) Sorry about that little error (:NRD)

oh thank you :slight_smile:



Just visited the betacorner site, I really like it, and I like the idea, I will be sure to tell my friends about it :). I may even sign up at the forums too :smiley:


The website is currently down. We are working to get this website back up and running asap. It will be atleast 72 hours. Also there was no backups. The people who own the server dont offer backups so it leaves me in a big situation at the moment trying to fix everything. sorry about this we are working on it pls be patient. (:CLP)

No problem, I understand how this can be with various hosting services.