Confusion over a file which is supposed to be a False Positive



VirusTotal and Valkyrie claim the file is ok
yet when I submitted it over the web to Comodo Malware Analysis I received an email that this file is actually NOT a false positive

so which one should I believe?

thanks a lot!


The sample you have submitted to us has been checked. Generally patchers, keygens/cracks/loaders won’t be seen as goodware. If you plan to further use this application, you can add it to your “Exclusions” list.

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Even though such files are grey area, you can’t consider them malicious if they aren’t. Unless if you don’t care taht your engine is plagued by general false positives on all sorts of files that aren’t even closely malicious.
Either you just don’t care or you don’t finetune your scan engine using such reports. Most do in order to avoid just this as well…

They don’t consider them malicious, just suspicious…

Most malware scanners will flag Potentially Unwanted Programs.

They should simply provide an option to enable/disable PUP/Unwanted in AV settings & by default PUP/Unwanted should be enabled.