Confusion after updating to latest version

i used the update feature to update comodo firewall pro and when it updated it says on the main page comodo internet security and on the bottom it still says comodo firewall. also the scan option is gone and when i go to check for updates it says updates are available but when in install and restart it still says that. should i just uninstall? and how do i clean the registry properly?

Hi lizard777 Welcome to the forums!

Yes, Comodo Firewall Pro is now Comodo Firewall due to the integration of Comodo Internet Security, Because the Firewall is part of CIS. If you want the full Antivirus, And make sure you uninstall your existing AV, Go to Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs>Uninstall CIS (Comodo Firewall) and Add the component “COMODO Antivirus”, After reboot your machine when prompted to have the full CIS. Anyway it’s been reported that the Firewall alone doesn’t have the “Scan my machine” and I think it’s in the wishlist. As for the updates, you can uninstall it and use COMODO Registry Cleaner then reinstall CIS (Comodo Firewall or full CIS).