I’m confused as to whether ISE is a required component for Comodo Shopping to work properly and do it’s filtering, SSL checks etc. Does ISE have to be installed for Shopping to work properly, or not?

Reason that I ask is that for some reason ISE did not install by itself, had to add it seperately. Shopping was hoever installed. Howver on another installation it installed altogether from the start. So then it became rather confusing! Any clarity much appreciated, thanks.

Just another thought, not directly related, but an additional question, if CIS and ISE are uninstalled, and Comodo Shopping left in place, can it continue to operate successfully independently of those two, or does it have a dependency on either of the other two?

ISE and Secure Shopping are independent products:


Thanks Umesh for a lightning quick reply :-TU

Follow up question please…if CIS is uninstalled on a PC but Comodo Shopping left in place, can it continue to operate successfully independently of CIS then, or does it have a dependency on it? Your previous answer means it can operate independently of ISE, but I’m not clear if it can operate independently long-term without CIS. Thanks.

Hi Cavehomme,
When Secure Shopping is installed stand alone, you can launch it and browse website inside it.
So it’s fully functional without CIS.

CIS only helps with websites defined in Secure Shopping section of it, for which it will auto launch secure shopping in case user browses it.


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Secure Shopping is compatible with CFW only and CCAV?

what are the differences?
secure shopping standalone v/s virtual desktop v/s rightclick “run in sandbox”

Hi Ya5h Kh4n,

Compatible with all Comodo products.

Secure Shopping:
It has features as described in Secure shopping site. Difference is, it is not Sandbox. You expect a safe application like browser to be used in the context of Secure Shopping, so it’s not a container, but protects running browser application from code injection, MitM, kylogger, video recording software etc. So i would say it is reverse, you are running a safe application inside it and protecting it from malicious software outside while container is otherway round.

Sandbox Vs Virtual Desktop:
In Virtual Desktop you are running accessible application inside Sandbox, so you have all benefits rather exclusively running each application in Sandbox. It’s more of usability aspect i.e. you can give less advanced users access to Virtual Desktop and let them do whatever they want to do inside Virtual Desktop without any fear of infecting PC.



SSL/HTTPS protection is inbuilt in secure shopping standalone and doesn’t require or install Internet Security Essentials?
I see an addon installed in Internet Explorer but nothing in Chrome
Addon is also installed in real Internet Explorer outside Secure Shopping, why?

Is the Startup entry i.e Task Manager - Startup - Secure Shopping entry required for protection or just to Start with Windows and can be disabled?

Inside Secure Shopping, I have set about:blank in Chrome i.e Startup page. When I start Chrome, I get a SSL alert as I am running AdGuard and it installs own certificate, options on the alert are Open with Tor and Ignore, I choose Ignore and Chrome starts with Comodo page instead of Blank page as set by me.

There are no options. How Secure Shopping is updated?

And the above mentioned alert for AdGuard, I get it everytime I start Chrome, there should be a Whitelist area.