Confusing defense+ pop ups

For quite a few programs it has been easy to use defense+ but when I have tried to run apple itunes/quicktime it bombards me with defense+ alerts saying that it wishes to change other programs even cpf.exe, I didnt trust this and chose to block its rights. All I am looking for is to safely configure itunes to run as it should but without altering other programs, how can I do this and what is the best way to go about correctly configuring future programs

ps I love the firewall and defense+ but it can get a bit confusing for me

also will there be any more whitelisting being added or more simplistic commands in the near future, thankyou for your time

Hello. :slight_smile:

You can set itunes/quicktime as “Trusted Applications” in D+. The “changing” of cfp.exe (in other words, the program is sending a windows message to cfp.exe) is normal. I don’t really know why it happens, but I get those alerts too, for example, when I click on a link in one of my applications that must execute my browser to view a website. it’s safe with trusted applications.

The next version of CIS (currently in BETA testing) has many new usability improvements like an huge expansion of the white list and also a new feature called Threacast which will allows users to view how many times a certain file has been allowed/blocked by other CIS users.

Screen shot of Threatcast:

In what mode is Defense + set? It sounds like it may be set to paranoid.

What concerned me was it was saying things like global hook and accessing protected areas

Defense+ is set to clean pc mode automatically and it is a new computer as well. with this new version of Comodo internet security coming out soon can you update over the current one?

again thanks for the help

with this new version of Comodo internet security coming out soon can you update over the current one?

Even if you could, it’s often well advised by most users to do a clean install (uninstall previous version, then install new one) to avoid any possible problems that may arise. If you don’t want to lose your settings, you can easily export/import them via the Misc. section. :-TU

You have to remember, a lot of these actions by your PC are usually safe and necessary for your PC to run properly (e.g. global hooking). The only reason CIS monitors them, is because they have been exploited in malware to do harm. If you trust the application 100%, it will be safe to allow it access to those things. :slight_smile:

Yes, you can. :slight_smile:

Do you know when the next finalised version will be available for download?

again thankyou for your help

Not too long away, I’d say less than a month. But nothing is confirmed. :wink: